Instead of selecting from a menu at BRAZAVIVA, diners enjoy unlimited visits to the exquisite Gourmet Salad Bar, featuring fresh vegetables, mixed salads, imported cheeses, exquisite delis and delicious Brazilian side dishes. Guests control the flow of their meats with a green-red card placed at their table. Flipping the green side up, signals the gaucho carvers, to start the service. You will be presented with continuous skewers of mouth-watering, fire roasted beef, pork, lamb, chicken and sausage, all presented and sliced table side by the carvers. If you are satisfied or need a break, flip the two- sided card to red.
Hot traditional Brazilian side dishes: cheese bread and fried bananas will be served at your table to complement your meal.


Our Prix Fix Price menu includes all the meats (beef, pork, lamb, chicken and Brazilian sausage) and soup, hot dishes, appetizers and salads.

Brazilian side dishes: cheese bread and fried bananas are also included.

(Some items are seasonal and/or served only for Dinner. Drinks, desserts, sales tax and service charge are not included on the Prix Fix Price.)

(View pricing details on your location page)
Prices are subject to a 16% Service Charge (18% for groups of 8 or more people) and Florida Sales Tax. Drinks and desserts are not included on the Prix Fix Price



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